Take a look at your Heaven golf shoe-system

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Take the chance to improve your sensitivity of stance!

Heaven is the first golf shoe system, which focuses on what is essential for  better golf - on the stance and balance.

The specialty of Heaven: The unique patented sole structure helps you to stand in a balanced, centered position, thus giving you the optimum basis for your swing.  

So, try Heaven and the unique Dynamic Balance Technology. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring your game to a new level.

Willi Hofmann

Coach of world class players such as Bernhard Langer, Kareem Baraka and Tino Schuster,  than 15 years active, as head of the "Bernhard Langer Golf Academy"     

"The Heaven Golf Shoes are very special for me. They run themselves exceptionally easy, and you feel cushioned. By creatively styled outsole you can almost automatically keep the balance. "